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Story #9
Sana’a International Airport, 2009. A friend and I approach a police officer to ask how we can get a permission to film in the airport. The officer takes us to meet his superior, who seems like a nice guy. We tell him that we are two filmmakers from Palestine who are making a documentary about the activities of an NGO called Naseej. Our plane back to Jordan doesn’t leave for another three hours, and in the meantime we want permission to film in the airport. Before we can finish explaining, the officer bangs his hand on the table in front of us and shouts: “Of course you can’t—certainly not now that you have asked for a permission! You should’ve done it without asking.”
They confiscate our camera, returning it only when our plane is about to leave the gate.

Finally, I Just updated the website... Jan 2022. I'm trying to stay away from social media, so the website is becoming more essential to tell about and archive my work
The website still needs some more work though, but this should give you an idea about what I have been doing.