52 *Copy of a Copy of a Copy : yazan khalili

Copy of a Copy of a Copy (2017)
a single photograph and 1000 posters

‘Copy of a Copy of a Copy’ comprises an installation of 1000 posters of ‘Jamal Al Mahamel II’ by Suleiman Mansour together with a photograph of a room of iconic Palestinian posters belonging to a local collector. This iconic painting (its title translates into the ‘carrier of hardships’) was first executed in 1973 and over the decades has been associated with notions of Palestinian identity. When prints of the painting went into circulation they soon became a fixture in many Palestinian homes, leading to the artist making more than one ‘original’ version of this work. Through these pieces Khalili explores authenticity and originality in relation to the art market and their commodification, the proliferation of images and the use and changing nature of the image as a conveyor of meaning. ?

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