52 *Rizq: The Giftshop : yazan khalili

Rizq: The Giftshop <2021>

Rizq is a participatory gift shop, with affordable non-art objects made by artists on sale. Through this platform we will discuss the current structures of the economy that we work within, and produce an economy based on collective practices and sharing of resources. It is an open and inviting platform for different cultural workers and practitioners to participate in a support structure that aims to provide a universal income, and a collective pot that allows us to keep asking the ongoing question: How to live/work together?

Rizq is an Arabic word that can mean livelihood, blessing, income, or work. It is used in different ways and for different reasons; rizq can be about money, but also about love and care. Your child is your rizq, your beloved is your rizq, your health, and also your work and bread.

First iteration at When Site Lost the Plot in Amsterdam in 2021 - 2022
with the participation of different artists:
Diana Cantarey
Hannah Dawn
Jip van Steenis
Saemundur Thor Helgason
Polina Medvedeva
Rei Kakiuchi
Charlotte Rooijackers & Frederique Ulthius
Julian Abraham (Togar)

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