52 *The Aliens : yazan khalili

The Aliens (2012 - 2015)
55 images, text (sizes vary), and found object

Can one ever return? can we come back to a place we once left as who we were then? Or do we become aliens to it? strangers? as if we never were there?

This project is a photo installation, stills from a movie. Telling a story of a group of astronauts returning to a landscape they left many years ago, they are faced with unexpected scenery which makes them wonder if this act of return is real, or if all returns are fictional!

The project works with the impossibility of return, the return of the refugee, the displaced, and the fugitive, the one that still lingers and waits to return to his/her home and place of belonging, not the physical impossibility, but rather the existential one, the impossibility of a return that inverts the act displacement. Returning home becomes another act of displacement and alienation, a continuation of the journey in searching for Home.

The installation consists of photographs (varied sizes), text, and an object. It takes a deserted Luna park in occupied Palestine as moment and place of departure of alienation and return.

Solo show at Transit gallery, Mechelen, Belgium, 2015 Link here
Exhibited at EOA.Projects, part of Regarding Distance Exhibition. London, 2014
first published with Manifesta Journal #15